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Crandall New Model Typewriter

Wanted: Crandall New Model Typewriter

Victorian embellishments, mother-of-pearl inlay, curved two-row keyboard... really, what's not to love?! The Crandall New Model was first produced in Syracuse, New York by the Crandall Machine Company and then in Groton, New York, to where the company relocated. The New Model was the successor to the Crandall No.1 which lacked the MOP inlay. These typewriters were invented by Lucien S. Crandall. Though the New Modell isn't the most rare typewriter around, it is quite desirable.

Read more about the Crandall New Model here...

I'm also interested in Universal Crandall No.3, the original Crandall No.4 and later Crandall Visible No.4.

Have one for sale? Please email me at or call +1 860 729 2252

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