Typewriter factories, offices, and employees. Grouped by continent.

A. D. Meiselbach Manufacturing Company

Kenosha, Wisconsin

(manufacturers of the Sholes Visible)

Burns Typewriter Company

77 Gull Street Buffalo, New York

Chicago Writing Machine Company

Chicago, Illinois

Columbia (Bar-Lock) Typewriter Manufacturing Co.

116th Street New York, New York

Crandall Machine Company

Groton, New York

E. C. Stearns & Company

Syracuse, New York

(manufacturers of the Stearns)

Emerson Typewriter Company

Woodstock, Illinois

Fox Typewriter Company

Grand Rapids, Michigan

(also manufacturers of the Rapid)

Galesburg Writing Machine Company, The

Galesburg, Illinois

(manufacturers of the Chicago and the Galesburg for final 1-2 years)

Garbell Typewriter Company

Chicago, Illinois

Hammond Typewriter Company

Manhattan, New York

Harris Typewriter Company

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Kleinsteuber's Machine Shop

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(Sholes, Glidden and Soule developed the Sholes & Glidden here)

Lambert Typewriter Company

Brooklyn, New York

(Frank Lambert owned Thompson Meter Co. and produced Lamberts here)

L.C. Smith & Bros Typewriter Company

Syracuse, New York

Merritt Manufacturing Company

Springfield, Massachusetts

(Merrit occupied the 4th floor)

Molle Typewriter Company

Oshkoch, Wisconsin

Monarch Typewriter Company, The

Syracuse, New York

National Typewriter Company

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Noiseless Typewriter Company, The

Middletown, Connecticut

Odell Type Writer Company

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin & Chicago Office Building

Postal Typewriter Factory Company

Norwalk, Connecticut

Smith-Premier Typewriter Company

Syracuse, New York

Standard Typewriter Company

Groton, New York

Sun Typewriter Company

Newark, New Jersey

Victor Standard Typewriter Company

Scranton, New Jersey

Williams Manufacturing Company

Montreal, Canada Factory

(manufacturers of the Empire)

Williams Manufacturing Company

Plattsburg, New York Factory

(manufacturers of the Wellington)

Williams Typewriter Company

Derby, Connecticut

Woodstock Typewriter Company

Woodstock, Illinois

World Typewriter Company

Hartford, Connecticut

(Pope Mfg Co briefly produced the World)

Yost Writing Machine Company

Bridgeport, Connecticut