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The Yetman Transmitting Typewriter

Wanted: Yetmen Transmitting Typewriter

The Yetman typewriter is polarizing; collectors either like it or they don't. Purists will view it as too much of a telegraph-typewriter while other collectors, like myself, that are more forgiving. It was invented by Charles Elmer Yetman. The Yetman was sold by the Yetman Transmitting Typewriter Co. and then by the Yetman Typewriter Transmitter Co., which were really the same company. Both were headquartered in New York, NY. Actual production took place at the Remington typewriter factory in Ilion, NY. With a Yetman, a user could type as with any normal typewriter or send and receive Morse code, but it could not translate Mores to text. Ultimately the typewriter was a failure. However, that did not deter new owners from rebranding and reintroducing the Yetman in 1909 as the Smith Visible.

Like most typewriter companies, Yetman offered payment plans for its typewriters. See an original partial $10 payment receipt here...

Have one for sale? Please email me at or call +1 860 729 2252

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