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Coffman Typewriter
La Populaire Machine a Ecrire

Wanted: Coffman Typewriter

The Coffman Pocket Typewriter was invented by Dr. G.W. Coffman and was produced ca.1902 by the Coffman Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Missouri. It was marketed as a "20th Century Pocket Typewriter" with a sale prices as low as $3.90 each and as high as $5 each. The Coffman is categorized in the linear index category of typewriters. Several models were produced with metal and wood bases and in difference sizes. They were also rebranded versions. The Popular was a domestic name variant while the French version of this typewriter was called La Populaire and was distributed out of Paris. Please contact me if you have either model or name variant.

Get an instruction manual for your Coffman/Populaire here...

See an original 1904 French advertisement for La Populaire with racist undertones here...

Have one for sale? Please email me at or call +1 860 729 2252

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