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Brooks Typewriter

Wanted: Brooks Typewriter

The Brooks Typewriter was invented by Byron A. Brooks, a prolific typewriter designer. It was covered by patents dated to October 21, 1890, June 30, 1891 and November 24, 1891. The typewriter was first sold by the Brooks Typewriter Company of New York, NY and then by the Union Writing Machine Company, also of New York. Its actual production was outsourced to the S.S. White Dental Manufacturing Company of Prince's Bay, NY. The Brooks' most striking feature was its rear-downstrike typebar arrangement which gave it its cathedral appearance. The predecessor to the Brooks, The Eclipse, is also known.

Read a letter to the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences about the Brooks here and a story in Modern Mimeoslop here. Both were written by typewriter historian and collector Don Sutherland.

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