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Blickensderfer No.8 Typewriter

Blickensderfer No.8


Blickensderfer Mfg. Co.

Stamford, Connecticut, US

At one point, Blickensderfer typewriters were the innovative darlings of the typewriter world. However, by the time the No.8 models began rolling off the production lines, it was obvious that the company was playing catch-up to the rest of the industry. This was because the No.8s were built hastily on the No.7's footprint but with few changes.


Two of those additions were a decimal tabulator and a backspace key. Blickensderfer was actually late to the party because these features were already offered on their competitors' machines. So to get ahead of the curve and attract new customers, the decimal tabulator was included in the purchase price of all new No.8s. One Blick advertisement from 1908 exclaims " is the only typewriter on the market having a decimal tabulator for which no extra charge is made."

Blickensderfer No.8 Typewriter Ad
Blickensderfer No.8 Typewriter from

Also added to Blick No.8s was a front frame that wrapped around the typewriter's keyboard. This addition seems to lean opposite the company's original business model of producing smaller and lighter machines. In all fairness, I like the addition of the frame since it does, in fact, make the typewriter sturdier.

Other, minor changes were made through the No.8's production run, too, but these were quite minor. In the end, No.8s were a success and eventually outsold the other Blick models. Aside from the black finish they were also available in aluminum.


Need a copy of the User's Manual for your Blick? Get it here.

Blickensderfer No.8 Typewriter Aluminum

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Blickensderfer No.8 Typewriter
Blickensderfer No.8 Typewriter
Blickensderfer No.8 Typewriter
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