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Yost No.4 Typewriter
Yost No.4 Typewriter
Yost No.4 Typewriter

The aesthetic changes in included the addition of gold pinstripes around the base and paper table. Structurally, supports were added to the rear and front sides of the buttress. Furthermore, margin controls were moved from the rear to the front of the machine and a metal rule replaced the old celluloid one. Yost No.4s employed the same grasshopper-action typebars, same print alignment mechanism, and same ink delivery system as the three previous models. It was still an upstrike typewriter with a full (double) keyboard. Model Nos.5, 6, 7, and 8 were simply Yost No.4s with an extended carriage.


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Yost No.4

1895 - 1905

Yost Typewriter Co.

Bridgeport, Connecticut, US

This Yost No.4 model was quite similar to its three predecessors. The primary differences between those four models were minor aesthetic and structural changes, but nothing in the way of major new mechanical innovations.

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