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Velograph Typewriter

Wanted: Velograph Typewriter

The Velograph typewriter was patented in 1886 by inventor Adolphe Prosper d'Eggis. It was produced by Rymtowtt-Prince & Cie of Geneva, Switzerland which would later go on to produce the Darling. It was also the first typewriter produced by the Swiss. The Velograph on this page represents the 3rd iteration of the brand. The 1st, flat version is yet unfound and the 2nd, which was marketed as the Commerciale, was mentioned in early periodicals but without an image so its appearance is unknownBy adjusting the index, the Velograph could also double a crude cypher machine. After the machine failed to have a marketable impact in Switzerland, Adolphe sold the machine to a British firm which produced the typewriter as the Eggis.

(vélographe suisse brevete / machine à écrire / schreibmaschine)

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