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Defiance Typewriter


The Knickerbocker typewriter was incorporated and headquartered in New Jersey as early as April of 1910, or, in the least, that's when shares in the company were sold. During the same month, according to the American Machinist, factory space was leased in Niantic, Connecticut where the actual production would take place. Typewriter Topics reported in March of 1911 that Knickerbocker typewriters would be placed "on the market next month." However, one year later in July, the same publication reported that the Knickerbocker company went bankrupt and was closed. But that wasn't the end of the story. Almost immediately the company was restructured and rebranded as the Defiance Typewriter Co. Defiance used the same factory location.

The typewriter on this page was labeled Defiance though it is of unknown origin. Maybe it is a later, rebranded Knickerbocker, or maybe not.

View an original Knickerbocker Typewriter Co. stock certificate here...

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