Typo Typewriter

Date Unknown

Make Unknown

Origin Unknown

Nothing is known about the Typo other than what may be deduced from its physical features. The typewriter was constructed of cast iron, steel and a rubber platen. It should have a circular index affixed to the front of the brass disc and a circular type element to the backside, both of which are missing on this example. The disc pivots towards the platen to type. The knob on the left side is used to select characters. Ink transfers by ribbon. From left to right the 3 keytops are for spacing, carriage release and printing. The typewriter came mounted to a wood base and with a faux alligator skin top. 

Incredibly, there are two known versions of this typewriter.  The other branded as the "Popular." The two versions are slightly different and the prevailing theory is that the Popular was the first to be produced. Only the Typo version has the word "PATENT" at the center of the brass disc.

I theorize that, based on the names of both known versions and on their construction, they were produced in Europe. England doesn't seem likely to me because of the overall design. Spain is a likely candidate because it is the only European country other than England that spells "Popular" the same way. The Typo may be a German-export version because the word "patent" is spelled as it would appear in German text (again, ruling out England). Also, the Typo was found in Germany.  Of course this is all just my theory without any ephemeral or patent evidence to substantiate it. 

If you happen to find any advertisements or patents for  either the Typo or Popular please let me know. Or maybe you have a different theory. In which case, I would love to hear it.

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