Instruction Manuals

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Adler J2 & J5 Portables

Adler Modell 7 (German Text)

Adler Satellite 2001

Adler Universal Nos.20, 39 & 40 Standard

Allied 401

Alpina SK24

American No.2 (Index)

American No.5 (Like Pullman; Upstrike)

Antares 130

Argyle P-201

Aztec 500 & 700


Bar-Let Portable No.1


Blickensderfer No.5

Blickensderfer No.7

Blickensderfer No.8

Broadway Standard

Brother Prestige 688

Burroughs Moon-Hopkins


Chicago No.1

Chicago No.3

Commercial Visible No.5

Commercial Visible No.6

Consul 201

Corona No.3 (1912 - 1914 Model w/Individually Hung Typebars)

Corona No.3 (1914 - 1922 Model w/One set of Shift Keys)

Corona No.3 (1922 - 1941 Model w/Two sets of Shift Keys)

Corona Special No.3


Erika Model No.50 & No.60


Fox No.1 Portable

Fox No.24


Hammond No.1

Hammond No.2

Hammond No.12

Hammond Multiplex (1st Version w/Open Key Levers)

Hammond Multiplex (2nd Version w/Enclosed Key Levers)

Hammond Multiplex (Folding)

Harris Visible No.4

Hermes 3000 Boxy

Hermes 3000 Curvy

Hermes Baby Featherweight

Hermes Rocket


IBM Model B Executive

IBM Model C Executive

IBM Model D Executive

IBM Selectric


Junior (Bennett predecessor)


Keaton Music Typewriter


La Populaire (French Version of Coffman)

Lambert No.1

LC Smith & Bros. No.8 (Open Frame)

LC Smith & Bros. No.8 (Closed Frame)


Mizpah (a.k.a. Mitzpah)

Molle No.3

Monarch Visible No.2

Monarch Visible No.3

Montgomery Ward Escort 33

Montgomery Ward Escort 55

Montgomery Ward Signature Model 440T

Montgomery Ward Signature Model 500


National No.5 Portable


Oliver No.3

Oliver No.5

Oliver No.9

Olivetti Lettera 22

Olivetti Lettera 31

Olivetti Lettera 32

Olivetti Lettera 33

Olivetti Lexikon 80 (Italian Text)

Olivetti Valentine

Olympia SG-3N

Olympia SF (Traveller)

Olympia SF de Luxe

Olympia SM-3

Olympia SM-7

Olympia SM-9

Olympia Splendid 99

Omega II

Optima Elite


RC Allen Visomatic

Remington 333

Remington Bantam

Remington de Luxe Portable (Two Tone Gray)

Remington Electric Standard (1950's)

Remington Model Nos.5 & 5T Portables

Remington Model 17 Standard (1960's - 70's)

Remington No.1 Portable

Remington No.2 Portable

Remington No.3 Portable

Remington No.6 & No.7 Standards

Remington Nos.6, 7 & 8 Standards w/Gorin Tabulator

Remington No.10 Standard

Remington No.11 Standard

Remington No.12 Standard

Remington Noiseless Model 7 Portable (Japanned)

Remington Noiseless Model 7 Portable (Crinkle/Matte)

Remington Noiseless No.5 Standard

Remington Noiseless No.10 Standard (Early)

Remington Noiseless No.10 Standard (Late)

Remington Noiseless Portable

Remington Office-Riter

Remington Portable like Envoy & Starfire (1960's - 1970's, ABS)

Remington Rand Model 1 Portable

Remington Remette Portable

Remington Streamliner (ABS Plastic Body)

Remington Super Riter Standard (KMC)

Rex Visible No.4

Roberts 90

Royal Heritage

Royal No.1 Standard (also good for Nos.2, 3 & 4)

Royal No.10 (Single Glass Sides)

Royal No.10 (Double Glass Sides)

Royal Companion (1940's)

Royal Futura 400, 600 & 800

Royal O

Royal P Portable w/Exposed Ribbons Spools

Royal Quiet de Luxe (1930's - Early 1940's Version)

Royal Quiet de Luxe (Late 1940's Boxy Version; also good for Royal Aristocrat)

Royal Quiet de Luxe (1950's Version)

Royal Safari


Sears Newport

Secor No.2

Sholes & Glidden

Silver Reed Electric Portable

Smith Corona 88 Standard

Smith Corona Classic 12

Smith Corona Classic 12 (w/Half Space & Power Space)

Smith Corona Corsair 700

Smith Corona Corsair de Luxe

Smith Corona Courier

Smith Corona Electric Portable (1950's)

Smith Corona Flattop w/Animal Keyboard

Smith Corona Flattop w/Carriage Shift (Sterling & Standard)

Smith Corona Flattop w/Segment Shift (Sterling & Standard)

Smith Corona Four

Smith Corona Galaxie II

Smith Corona Portables (1970's)

Smith Corona Skyriter (2Y Series)

Smith Corona Skyriter (3Y Series)

Smith Corona Skyriter (4Y Series)

Smith Corona Speedline Series w/Smooth Finish (All Models)

Smith Corona Speedline Series w/Crinkle Finish (All Models)

Smith Corona Sterling (1960's)

Smith Corona Super-5 Series (All Models)

Smith Corona Super-G designed by Karmann Ghia

Smith Corona Super Speed Standard

Smith Premier Nos.2, 3, 4 & 5

Smith Premier No.10


Torpedo No.18

Triumph Adler Satellite II Electric


Underwood Champion Portable

Underwood de Luxe Quiet Tab Portable

Underwood Junior Portable

Underwood Leader Portable

Underwood Master Standard

Underwood No.5 Standard

Underwood Noiseless 77 Portable

Underwood Noiseless Standard

Underwood Universal Portable


Varityper (2nd Electric Version)

Varityper Model A-20 w/Automatic Justifier

Victor No.3

Victor No.10


Woodstock Nos.3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Standard