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The Pocket Typewriter

Wanted: The Pocket Typewriter

The Miniature Pocket Type Writer Company of Bradford, England. The typewriters were incredibly compact which was in part because of the lack of a carriage to feed a sheet of paper into. In lieu of a carriage, the entire typewriter traveled across a sheet of paper as it lay flat on a surface. The company produced a supplemental product, the Pocket Typewriter Writing Pad (sometimes marketed as the P.T.W. Writing Pad), to assist with composing straight lines. I would also me interested in acquiring this product. No less than 3 slightly different models of the Pocket were produced. It was also rebranded as the Polyglotte for French markets.

(la miniature machine à écrire)

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Have one for sale? Please email me at or call +1 860 729 2252

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