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Golden Rule Typewriter

Wanted: Golden Rule Typewriter

The Golden Rule was a very, very rudimentary index typewriter and, simply by definition, it was less a typewriter than a stamping device. Its patent was applied for in August of 1882 and issued to its inventor, Reverend Henry B. Mead of Stonington, Connecticut, on August 21, 1883. The patent referred to it as a "Type Writing Ruler." The base model of the Golden Rule sold for just $2 while the premium version, with "fancy woods," was $3. Ultimately, it was just a toy and as such it was marketed for use by children. The Golden Rule Type Writing Company, which was located at 25 Congress Street in Boston, Massachusetts, was the typewriter's seller. The actual typewriter was much smaller than the illustration depicts. The Little Bonanza was the successor to the Golden Rule.

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