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The Childs Typewriter
The Childs Typewriter

Wanted: The Childs Typewriter

The two-piece Childs typewriter was in invented by Miers Fisher who was awarded a patent for it in 1890. Fisher produced it from a "factory" at 1522-1/2 Market St. in Denver, CO. Though it sold for just $2, that was still an unreasonably high amount for such a crude writing machine. The Childs typewriter was advertised as "The Only Universal Machine Made," whatever that may mean, but even more peculiarly is was also advertised as "Improved." So was there a predecessor to the example illustrated on this page?


Why the typewriters was named the "Childs" is a mystery to this day. Maybe it's because the typewriter was meant to be a toy, or maybe because it was easy enough for a child to master.

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