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The Conover


Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.

Chicago, Illinois

The Conover typewriter was sold by Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Company (HSB&Co), a Chicago-based hardware store. Since the machine was just a name variant of the Chicago No.1, its actual manufacturer was the Chicago Writing Machine Co.

Charles Hopkins Conover (1847 - 1915). who was a director for HSB&Co as early as 1890, is the most logical namesake for the typewriter though that is speculative without proof. Charles would eventually work his way up to the position of company president in 1914 He died the very next year. 


Known serial numbers for Conover typewriters range between 5093 and 25943. Serial numbers can be found stamped into the top part of the frame below the right side of the carriage.


The Conover Typewriter
Charles Hopkins Conover 01.jpg

Charles H. Conover

HSB&Co was started on March 22, 1855 as Tuttle, Hibbard & Co. It went through several name changes during its existence Today it is known as True Value Hardware. 


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