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Musicwriter Staff Pen
Musicwriter Staff Pen

There are also known examples which were marketed as the "Quick Staff: Music Line Staff Writer." These resemble Stravigors more closely than Staffwriters but they were still reproductions.

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This Staffwriter, a roller pen for generating music staffs whenever its owner felt the urge, was really a reproduction of the Stravigor. It is unknown what company produced the Staffwriter or where, but based on known examples, the materials they were made from and other physical properties, we can conclude that they were produced in the 1950s/60s and sold through sheet music publishers and maybe through other music stores.

The Staffwriter often came with a distributor's name stamped on it. Known distributors included the Gamble Hinged Music Co. of Chicago, IL, the Crescendo Publishing Co. of Boston, MA and Bruce Humphries Publishers, also of Boston. No matter the dustributor, they were all made in the U.S.A.

Compared to the original Stravigor, Staffwriters were slightly smaller and also weighed less because they were cast of lightweight aluminum. Also, Stravigors came with a pair of caps to cover the rollers while Staffwriters came in an acrylic box.

Musicwriter Staff Pen
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