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Soblik Typewriter

Wanted: Soblik Typewriter

The Soblik is a pneumatic typewriter that was invented by Maximilian "Max" Soblik, a native of Rybnik, Poland, while he was living in the Merxem (Merksem) municipality of Antwerp, Belgium. Max was awarded his first patent for the Soblik in 1898 and then at least another 10 as he further developed the machine over the next 16 years. He eventually moved to Dusseldorf, Germany where Soblik Schreibmaschinen GmbH was established in 1912 to manufacture the typewriter. Unfortunately, only a few handmade models were actually produced and the company closed in 1920.

(Soblik pneumatische schreibmaschine, machine à écrire pneumatique Soblik)

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