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Sholes Typewriters

Sholes & Glidden Typewriter

The Sholes name is synonymous with typewriters. Not only because Samuel Sholes is in part responsible for the Sholes & Glidden and for the Sholes Visible typewriters, but also because his sons Fred, Louis and Zalmon G. were also involved in the development of several other models. Granted that some, like Fred Sholes' Diamond, are prototypes and finding another is highly improbable. Others, like Zalmon G. Sholes' Waterbury Standard Visible, also known as the Acme, may be sitting in an attic somewhere. Others still, like the Rem-Sho, are more common and more loosely tied to the family name. All the same, a Sholes is a Sholes and any collection should have at least one.

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Sholes Typewriter
Sholes Typewriter
Sholes Diamond Typewriter
Waterbury Standard Visible, aka Acme, Typewriter
Sholes Visible Typewriter
Sholes Typewriter
Rem Sho No.5 Typewriter
Sholes and Glidden Typewriter
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