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Shavers Pocket Typewriter


"Shaver's Pocket Type-Writer" was produced ca.1887 by the Shaver Corporation of 157 Broadway, New York City, NY. It was marketed as "Fast, Durable, Cheap" with a price of just $3.75. The Shaver typewriter was named after its inventor, George Fredrick Shaver (1855 - 1927), who also invented an automatic screwdriver and a combination office-return dial/slate. George's most commercially successful invention was the Shaver Standard Telephone.

Shaver's Pocket Type-Writer was obviously of the index variety so George wrote the following 2-stanza poem casting shade on keyboard machines:


I have a new type-writer and it is my delight,

To patter on it daily and to write, and writer and write.

It aides me in my labors when I'm in working vein.

It makes a great improvement - I write so very plain.

It operates so easily that when you find you're stuck,

And cannot find the letters, just jab and trust to luck.

It's easy - very easy - to operate it then.

Now where on earth's that colon? Give me my ink and pen!

Click here to see a photo of George F. Shaver on his wedding day.

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