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Secretary of New York Typewriter
Emerson Typewriter with Clawfoot

Wanted: Secretary of New York Typewriter

The Secretary of New York Typewriter, despite what its name suggests, was probably produced in either Kittery, Maine, where the company was first established in 1907, or in Momence, Illinois, to where the company was moved in 1909. The typewriter's inventor was Richard Uhlig who patented it in 1902. The typewriter reads "U.S. Patents Allowed - Others Pending" along the front part of the frame below the spacebar. The typewriter's most curious attributes were its sideways-swinging typebars and a set of four paw-like feet, sometimes referred to as a clawfoot base. The Secretary of New York was the predecessor to the Emerson. It is unclear if any Emersons were produced with the original clawfoot base but old ads suggest so. I would be as equally interested in a Clawfoot Emerson or a Secretary of New York. 

Have one for sale? Please email me at or call +1 860-729-2252

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