Rare 1909 Aluminum Blickensderfer No.5 Antique Typewriter

Extremely Rare Aluminum version of the Blickensderfer No.5 Typewriter. It's serial numbered 142,301 which dates it to 1909. Aluminum casting was a brand new and very expensive technology when this typewriter was produced. Very few were made. ALSO INCLUDED is an original two-piece sole leather carrying case. Very Scarce! The example listed here displays stunningly. Its skeletal appearance is an instant crowd pleaser. Wear is at an absolute minimum. Cosmetically, this Blick just needs to be dusted off and wiped down. Functionally, the carriage advances well and the typewheel is slow to retract on occasion. The feed roller has flat spots and the H key legend was replaced. The typewriter is suitable for demonstrating how it functions at its most basic but a tuning would help immensely. The case is in good condition but one of the snaps does no longer works. If you must own one typewriter it should be a Blick, and if you must own a Blick then why not a super rare example? Again, it displays beautifully.


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Rare 1909 Aluminum Blickensderfer No.5 Antique Typewriter

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