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Odell No.3 Typewriter

The Odell on this page is special. It is a very scarce variant of the No.3 model that was plated in brass. Most examples were plated in nickel. It is a delicious piece of eye candy, yes?


Odell No.3

ca.1899- 1904

Odell-Young Type Writer Co.

Chicago, IL

The Odell No.3 looks and functions similarly to most other Odells. It's capable of typing 78 characters in both uppercase and lowercase. Unlike the preceding Odell models, the No.3 was clearly labeled as such across the top of its half-moon shaped nameplate. Advertisements like the one below for the No.3 began circulating ca.1900 after the company was restructured and renamed in 1899 to the Odell-Young Typewriter Co. and as late as 1906 even though the company had already introduced a No.4 model in 1904. The price of a No.3 was $20.

Odell No.3 Typewriter Ad

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