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Nickel Plated L.C. Smith & Bros No.8

​1915 - 1936

L.C. Smith & Bros.

Syracuse, NY

It was not uncommon for companies to produce typewriters with special finishes. Some. like the Gorham Corona, were meant for a specific event or promotion. Others, like the gold Remington Quiet-Riter, were custom ordered. Then there were the experimental, one-off finishes like the faux woodgrain Corona No.3. Lastly, companies were more than happy to offer finishes to the general public if the buyer was willing to pay extra. The nickel plated No.8 on this pages falls into the latter category.

Other than the superficial differences, functionally it is exactly the same as a common japanned No.8. It's simply a more delicious piece of eye candy. All were produced at the company's Syracuse, NY factory.

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One question remains: why was an ink bottle and quill logo used on the nickeled versions rather than the horseshoe and stallions. I have seen another like it so it's not a one-off.

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