Niagara Typewriter

Wanted: Niagara Typewriter

The Niagara, which was first produced ca.1902, has a special place in my heart because it was made here in Connecticut by none other than the Blickensderfer Typewriter Company of Stamford. Note how similar the carriage, base and paper table are to those of Blick No.5 model. The Niagara even utilizes a typewheel Blicks were already lightweight and inexpensive and the Niagara, without a keyboard, was even more so. Some Niagaras were rebranded and sold as the Best, Stella or Marion. Name variants in France were marketed as the machine à écrire Dactyle (Dactyle typewriter). Lastly, George Blickensderfer, the inventor, was also awarded a patent for a modified version of the Niagara which doubled as a cipher (code) machine.

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