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Minerva Braille Typewriter

Wanted: Minerva Braille Typewriter

The Minerva Braille Typewriter was produced ca.1928 in Leipzig, Germany. Its inventor was Marie Antonie (Tony) Mahler, a librarian of the Central German Library for the Blind. The Minerva was a very small writing machine that measured just 6" by 5" by 2" and weighed just 4 pounds. Other than its diminutive size its most striking feature was its keyboard consisting of 6 ivory-white, cylindrical keys. The Minerva was sold with an accompanying vinyl-wrapped cardboard case.

(Minerva Gesetzl Geschutzt. Leipziger Hochschul-Lehrmittel Werkstatt Fur Blinde. Deutschland. Blindenschreibmaschine. Punktschriftmaschine)

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