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Mignon Typewriter Schreibmahine

Wanted: Mignon Typewriter

The Mignon typewriter was produced ca.1903 in Berlin, Germany by Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG) under D.R.P. No.149308. The typewriter was the collaborative effort between inventors Friedrich Heinrich Philipp Franz von Hefner-Alteneck and Louis Sell. Their original design for the Mignon was for an electric version but that never made it to production. I am interested in very early Mignon typewriters, like the No.1 model on this page, and very early No.2 models. If you happen to have an electric prototype then definitely email me.


Read more about the Mignon here...

(Schreibmaschinen Mignon)

Have one for sale? Please email me at or call +1 860 729-2252

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