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Index Visible Typewriter

Wanted: Index Visible Typewriter

The Index Visible typewriter was produced ca.1900 by the Index Typewriter Company of New York. Just two years later, in 1902, the company was dissolved but not before an Ohio company, the Buckeye Writing Machine Company, planned to take over production. The Buckeye company ran a small ad campaign in support of the typewriter in 1900 but may not have produced any.


The Index Visible had a faux keyboard that was actually its legend. The keys did not depress. Instead, the user was to slip the index finger into a leather holster attached to a cord which was then attached to the typewheel mechanism. As the holstered finger hovered over the desired character on the index, the typewheel would then spin to that character. The Index Visible cost $25.

This typewriter should not be confused with the similarly named Visible Index typewriter.

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