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Imperial Pavey Musigraph Music Typewriter

Wanted: Imperial Pavey Musigraph

The Imperial Pavey Musigraph, also known as the Pavey music typewriter, was invented and patented in 1961 by Lily Pavey of London. Her original design was adapted to a Remington Office-Writer, which she aptly named the "Musikwriter," but ultimately it was the Imperial Typewriter Co. Ltd. of Leicester that would produce the machine beginning in 1964. It was Imperial that changed the typewriter's name to the Pavey Musigraph. Other music typewriters were already available for purchase at the time, like the Keaton, Olympia Musicwriter and RC Allen Musicwriter, but the Pavey was the only traditionally-functioning, frontstrike machine outfitted with a keyboard completely dedicated for musical notation that typed both horizontally and vertically.

See snapshots of Lily with a carboard prototype of the successor to her Musigraph, the Pavey Spherigraph, here...

Have one for sale? Please email me at or call +1 860-729-2252

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