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Halda No.4 Typewriter

Wanted: Halda No.4 Typewriter

There were three models produced before the Halda No.4 on this page but they were all prototypes which are now in a museum's collection. Thus, the No.4 was the first to be commercially available. It was invented by Henning Hammarlund and manufactured ca.1902 in Svängsta, Sweden by Halda Manufacturing Limited. The "No.4" designations is a modern classification and not seen on the actual typewriter. They were only labeled with the company name, "Halda-Fickurfabrik," across the front. At 1st glance it's easy to mistake these typewriters for early Densmores.


(Halda skrivmaskin, skrivemaskin, kirjoituskone, schrijfmachine)

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