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Excelsior Script and Type Writer


The "Excelsior Script and Type Writer" was invented ca.1895 by Leonie Welspiel of San Francisco, California. It was marketed by the Excelsior Script and Typewriting Machine Co. at a price of $75. With this typewriter, the typist would have manipulated the circular keyboard atop the machine to type. From beneath the keyboard, the typist could have select one of the three 6" interchangeable aluminum baskets of typebars, each with a different typeface. The baskets were independent of the machine so, in theory, the typist could exchange them for any desired typeface (as one would with a Hammond shuttle or Blick typewheel). Typed sheets fed towards the user out of the bottom front of the machine. The Excelsior Script & Type Writer was housed within a 12" x 12" x 6" aluminum frame. It has been written that at least one was produced.

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