Crown No.2 Typewriter

It was the evening of December 19, 2020, a Saturday, when I received a call from Mexico. The gentleman was calling because he had a "special" typewriter that had been in his family's custody for 3 generations but was now available for purchase. When I asked what brand of typewriter he had, I was quite shocked to find out it was a Crown. After receiving a few photos, I immediately recognized it as the No.2 model. Of course I was interested. Javier and I quickly negotiated a price and arranged logistics. Three weeks later, on December 30, FedEx delivered a Crown No.2 typewriter with serial numbered 920.

The typewriter was displayed under plexiglass in the law firm that Javier's father owned until his recent passing. Prior to then Javier's grandfather practiced at the same firm since the 1950s, and, before then, the firm was owned by a pair of lawyers that inherited it in the 1930s. The Crown was part of that inheritance and it is speculated to have been at that firm since its foundation at the turn of the 20th century.

The typewriter itself is in stunning condition and a testament to how well it was cared for through all the tumult of the last century. There isn't speck of rust to be found and it functions wonderfully. I'm quite thrilled to be its new custodian.

Crown No.2 Index Typewriter SN 920  (9).

To all of the Crown's previous caretakers, to Javier and to his mom and dad whom are pictured here, thank you!

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