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Antique Hand Stretcher
Antique Finger Stretcher


Hand & Finger


The hand stretchers seen here, also referred to as finger stretchers, were invented ca.1917. The one at the bottom of the page was developed by Kanute I. Finney of Chicago, Illinois while the other's origins are unknown. Either way, I'm on the hunt for any similar device. The theory behind these was that pianists, cellists, violinists and typists may have had limited potential because of their small or stiff hands and fingers. These stretchers were a therapeutic apparatuses that, when used properly and regularly, were supposed to enlarge hands or and looses fingers. Thus making the individual more proficient a their task. Purportedly, a typist could expect to reach 200 words per minute thanks to the miraculous results of a hand stretcher (I doubt it). Conversely, there was a report of one musician whose hand was crippled by such a device and could no longer perform.

I'm interested in this and any other similar device. The more ludicrous, the more I'm interested.

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