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Annell Typewriter

Annell' No.3A Typewriter

1922 - 1923

Annell' Typewriter Co.

Chicago, Il, US

As was the Rapid No.10 cobbled together from the remaining stock of a Fox No.23 but dressed up in a new outer shell, so too was the Annell'. The Davis Brothers' blog and video illustrate in great detail how beneath the bulky, blocky exterior of this typewriter were the guts of Woodstock's Nos.4 & 5 models.



Because a lot of the information that the Davises unearthed back in 2014 still holds true to this day in November of 2020, I have little to add on the Annell' except some information on their serial numbers. The example on this page is the earliest known (for now) with serial number A1209E while the highest known has serial number A1992. We can safely assume that less than 1000 pieces were produced. All were sold during 1922 and early 1923 by mail order, based on the dates of old ads. Each of the known serial numbers begin with an 'A' prefix and about 50% end with an 'E' suffix. After exchanging a few messages with Will Davis, he theorized that the suffix may denote an Elite typeface. I was able to confirm the typeface of six examples so thus far his theory is correct.

Harry Annell Smith

Harry Annell Smith (1874 - 1925), the typewriter's namesake, headquartered the Annell' Typewriter Co. at 39 South Dearborn St. in Chicago, Illinois. However, actual production of the typewriter was probably done by the Woodstock Typewriter Company in Woodstock, IL.

Two unanswered questions remain: first, why the 'A' designation in the serial number and model number? Did Harry Smith anticipate subsequent models? Second, why the apostrophe after the Annell' company name?

Woodstock Typewriter Factory

The undated photo of the unknown young man featured on this page is the only known image of an Annell' in its natural setting.

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Annell Typewriter
Annell Typewriter
Annell Typewriter
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