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16 to 1 is Dead Stickpin

16 To 1 Is Dead Stickpin


Maker Unknown



How creative is this politically themes, mechanical stickpin? In 1896, William Jennings Bryan, (1860 - 1925) had made a bid for President and one of the platforms he ran on was Bimetallism which devalued gold to silver by a ration of 16:1 from 32:1. Bryan's Presidential defeat also meant the defeat of Bimetallism. This stickpin, which should have an image of Bryan under the front shield, was made to disparriage him and his campaign.

Personally, I'm not one for politics or stickpins but this item's cool factor transcends past just those categories. I love this little brass skeleton painted in white and that defiant slogan he wears. 

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William Jennings Bryan
16 To 1 Is Dead Stickpin
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